What you have to do FIRST to attract dream clients

What do you have to do FIRST in business to get dream clients? 
Hint: it's NOT social media. It's NOT getting a website. It's BRAND STRATEGY.

Watch this call for priceless brand strategy inspiration to learn how to get a clear brand, and attract dream clients: SAVING lots of time + money, as you gear up to GETTING PAID.


In my over 20 years of experience as brand designer and entrepreneur, I’ve seen many people spend a ton of money on marketing and websites, yet not attracting regular clients. Or attracting the WRONG kind of clients. 

When that continues over a longer period of time, that’s a lot of missed income. And a lot of missed clients. That can get frustrating. And expensive. 

(Tally up even just one month of not being fully booked with clients. It can get staggering!)

The reason for this problem is often simple:

People often spend a ton of money and time on marketing and design and websites BEFORE getting clear about the messaging + strategy of their brand.

Pause for a moment and let that sink in!

Is that you? Are you FULLY CLEAR about what you say and do on your website, in social media + marketing?

You can’t muddle your way through clarity.

If you aren’t CLEAR + JAZZED UP about what to say in your marketing, people won’t understand YOUR SECRET SAUCE of your unique business.

That’s potentially a very big problem in 4 ways:

1: I know and YOU know that you’re awesome. But if your dream clients don’t see that, and don’t instantly get what you can do for them, you’re INVISIBLE. That’s bad for business. 

2: As service based entrepreneur, your businesses likely is expression of what your SOUL WANTS. And if you can’t fully express that, and don’t bring your magic to the world in the way your soul wants, it’s sad! And clearly NOT AWESOME. 

3: It’s NOT cool for your dream clients… because they already WANT what you offer. They want YOU in particular. Your unique recipe of magic. If they don’t see you, they’re also missing out.

4: It’s also next to IMPOSSIBLE to find powerful collaboration or promotion partners… (think shark tank!) if they don’t instantly get what you do and for whom and it’s SUPER JUICY and a CLEAR MATCH to their business, they won’t promote or collaborate with you. 

If your brand isn’t clear and communicates your unique magic in a strong, juicy way, NOBODY WINS, period!

I’ve invited Brand Strategy Expert GERRY FOSTER for a special FOCUS INTERVIEW + TRAINING CALL about how service-based entrepreneurs can solve this mystery, once and for all! 

Gerry and I want EVERYONE to win.

We want you to land more DREAM CLIENTS.

We want you to team up with amazing JV PARTNERS.

We want you to THRIVE.


Watch this replay to get

  •   a BRAND CHECK to see where your brand is UNclear
  •   brand clarity for what you CAN do to MAKE it clear
  •   BRAND MESSAGE TOOLS to speak clearly to CLIENTS 
  •   CLARITY TOOLS to attract awesome JV PARTNERS
  •  Q&A with Gerry for your most burning question!

If you find that you want more support with your brand after this call, you’ll also get access to Gerry’s personal cell phone number to ask him anything and reach out. 

There are no direct sales in this call. Pure inspiration and value. 
Time to SHINE and SPARKLE with your brilliance, and create the business your soul wants!



Gerry Foster is a highly accomplished brand strategist and President of Gerry Foster Branding - a Brand Development and Training Company based in Los Angeles, CA.  Hailed affectionately as the Branding Evangelist, since starting his company full-time in 1985 he has helped over 100,000 small businesses from over 600 different industries.  

Creator of the Big Brand Formula, Gerry serves service-based entrepreneurs who are:

  •  Ready to create a brand consumers will fall in love with, cherish, and value
  •  Willing to flip the script, go to the deep end of the pool, and turn the tables in their favor  
  •  Excited to have a brand so unexpected, so profound, and so striking … success can only multiply over time

Gerry wants your light to shine brightly forever! Download his free, popular Stand Out & Captivate 1-hour video mini-course at www.GerryFosterBranding.com/captivate and discover you can attract your ideal clients in 60 Days or less, through brand STRATEGY.


If you need help with brand strategy, and get crystal clear how you can communicate and stand out with your brand, reach out to Gerry!

If you've got your strategy ducks in a row and are ready to bring your brand to life with design and an experience that draws in your dream clients, contact me!

We're both looking forward to seeing your brand SPARKLE AND SHINE! 





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