Activate your FULL WELLNESS SUPERPOWERS with Astrid's

CANcer THRIVER program!

This is an 8 week online group program (with option to continue monthly) with weekly virtual feelgood creativity + support workshops to spark your JOY, your INNER THRIVER, and your full WELL-BEING: BODY + MIND + SPIRIT + SOUL.

JOYn to release heavy emotions, worries, fears, and old mind-stories, and replace them with inner peace, a ninja mindset, and CAN-cer THRIVER resilience. 

Through curiosity, creativity, and Astrid's SPARKLE PLAY PROMPTS, you practice hearing your own inner wisdom and intuition for YOUR OWN STEPS TO WELLNESS.

Get inspired by Astrid's and other THRIVER stories and supercharge your wellness from the inside out, resulting in a THRIVING IMMUNE SYSTEM + A LIFE OF JOY. 

Let CANcer be your CATALYST to a vibrant life of WELLNESS + JOY, starting now!

Meet Astrid & hear more:

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This is for you if:

  • You're going through or just finished CANcer treatments
  • You want to support your body healing with a positive mindset, inner empowerment, inner peace, and deep JOY.
  • You're curious and willing to dismantel dis-empowering mindsets and life habits and learn how to THRIVE, BODY + MIND + SPIRIT + SOUL.
  • Beyond CANcer, you want to create a SPARKLING LIFE.

In this program you get:

  • Astrid's book "Permission To Sparkle" in digital format as inspiration
  • A THRIVER PACKAGE in the mail as welcome gift
  • Weekly creativity THRIVER GROUP WORKSHOPS for 8 weeks (and continuing, for as many months as you like to continue)
  • Access to replays & resources
  • Gorgeous printable journaling prompts
  • A private group space to share, ask questions & celebrate
  • A good-vibe, empowering, support group with others on this healing journey

What others say:

"I have been participating in the first cohort [of Astrid's CANcer THRIVER workshop program]. We are a small, intimate group. Lots of ideas and information, creativity, and positive energy. We're growing and transforming our lives, supporting each other, and manifesting amazing things along our cancer journeys. I highly recommend this group and am thankful to my friend C.P. who introduced me to Astrid." - Nancy Frampton, California

"My attitude totally shifted & I got OUT of my FUNK…thanks to your superpower sparkle powers.  I’m joining you on the road to JOY!! I’m ready to sparkle and FIGHT THIS🥊. I want you to know that you spearheaded my transition to shifting my mindset. Thank you!! You are an awesome & amazing woman and I admire you so much!!💫" - Annie Ryan, Rancho Palos Verdes, California

"Every week I truly looked forward to our session. I’m happy to be continuing with Astrid and my [CANcer THRIVER program] group! I hope to meet new thrivers as we continue! ✨💖✨" - Wendy Gismondi

The ticket to participate:

Over the years, I have invested more than $100,000 into coaching and mentors and my inner growth. Even during my own CANcer journey, I paid more than $10,000 for mentors and coaches.

While I had no regular business income.

Thriver example:

I didn't give power to mindset stories of what I CANNOT do.

I chose to follow my heart, and to trust that I CAN, and that money will show up.

And it always did!

Of course while that was me walking strong and empowered (that was me taking care of myself and doing whatever I felt inspired to do to get well!) that also wasn't always the easiest path.

I want this to be easy for you.

If you resonate with me and this program:

This is your ticket (a series of 3 payments:)

$122 + $111 + $111

(this covers the minimum participation of 8 weeks. After 8 weeks, you can choose to continue as a monthly subscription at $111/month)

Apply to JOYn this program HERE