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“Permission To Sparkle” is an interactive play book to:

  • Bring more playfulness and good times into your life now.
  • Manifest your dreams and desires one by one.
  • Move through challenges, whatever life brings, with curiosity and soulful play prompts.
  • Learn to trust your own intuition and yourself.
  • Find new feel-good habits of fully taking care of yourself.
  • Heal your heart, and let go of old mind stories.
  • Give yourself permission to live in full sparkle, and live all your heart’s desires!

Get inspired by Astrid’s personal journey and spark your own dream life!

What People Are Saying:

(from the foreword of the book) I LOVE this book, and I LOVE Astrid. Who wouldn’t? She takes you on a very personal journey to open up your biggest joy and sparkle. This is a real life story that you most likely will see yourself in. Relatable inner voices, situations and breakdowns that sound really familiar. Astrid does not hold back. She shares the whole story. The ups, the downs, the ahas, the triggers, the heartbreaks and the missteps, as well as the deep spiritual growth that comes from owning that you are Queen of your Universe. Follow Astrid’s invitations to play, dive into deeper curiosity and insights, and find the courage to follow your heart into that sparkle land. When you do, you will be blessed with a life that is aligned with your deepest heart calling!

Jean Berry – Game Inventor Mentor, Intuitive Artist

Before Permission To Sparkle, I continuously forgot how to play. It was a beautiful concept that I both practiced and taught but struggled to embody. This book really supported me in making play a sustainable lifestyle and inspired my own book! I started catching more limiting beliefs, took bolder actions in my life + biz and cultivated even more curiosity to enJOY my experiences!

Lanie Smith - Coach, Consultant, Truthteller

Before I found this book, I didn't even remember how to play. Permission To Sparkle really opened my mind up again. I've started catching limiting beliefs, snapping out of being stressed out, I'm more curious about my life experiences overall, and am really loving where this book is taking me!

Gina Thomas

Inspired by Astrid and this book, my right brain has been waking up! Before, I was showing up with grit + push at a 110%. I realize that those 110 % were actually worth only about 50%. This book sparked not only my creativity but also my effectiveness overall!

Sarosh Anwar