Are you ready to spark more MAGIC and JOY in your business and life?

Hi! I'm Astrid Mueller.

I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs  (and all who really want it!) make their life and business more MAGICAL. ⭐

I'm breast cancer THRIVER and learned how to SPARKLE through ANY LIFE CHALLENGES.

Clients hire me for STRATEGY CONSULTING, DESIGN, and workshops that EMPOWER, HEAL & BRING JOY!

I wrote a book called "Permission To Sparkle." 

With a fun intuitive CARD GAME. 

Both help you get out of your head, into your ZONE OF GENIUS, and make your life more SPARKLY! No matter how sparkly (or not) your life is right now!

The book is currently only available for members of my programs, and as bulk orders upon request.


Do you want to bring more JOY and MAGIC into your business?

To EMPOWER, ENERGIZE and bring HEART AND MIND WELLNESS to yourself, your team or your staff? I can help in multiple ways. Consulting, mind-wellness support programs, workshops... See the LIST OF MULTIPLE BENEFITS of my workshops here! 



and want to make a bigger difference with your work, and also experience more JOY and MAGIC in your life and your business? Especially in YOUR MARKETING?

I've got some MAGICAL GIFTS and LINKS for you:


I believe that

Anything is possible. Always. With the right ingredients. I started healing rapidly, once I focused on JOY, and my SPARKLE PRINCIPLES.

And even within big challenges like cancer, I started living more and more of my DREAM LIFE. Fulfilled from within. 

I also believe that

We are all BRILLIANT. 
We can all live in SPARKLE and MAGIC.
Create and live the LIVES OF OUR DREAMS.

My workshops and book help people do that.

photo: Breanna Peterson Photography


Do you want to fill your own JOY batteries, boost your superpowers, and make your life (and business, if you have one) more SPARKLY? 



What others say:

"Thank you so much for the sparkle session the other day. That was SO beautiful and even when your sparkle is feeling at a 4, you are so luminous. I LOVE what you bring."

Madeleine Eno
Workshop Leader, Author, and Book Editor

"I am feeling so empowered since our workshop yesterday!"

Denise Grossman
Fine Artist / Pastelist / Healer

"Thank you so much for reminding me that it’s so easy to create and gain insights just by playing! In that vibe of playing and Magic I received clear and direct inner instructions on how to manifest material abundance by channeling Love, Light and Healing! It was also a wonderful reminder that yes, we do have all the resources within, but when we come together our Light shines brighter. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!"

Elena Bicu
Energy Healer

"If someone said the word ‘sparkle’ to me – previously I would imagine a cake sparkler being lit! Now --- after meeting Astrid…and being in her presence and seeing her magnificent SPARKLY energy – She is now the image that comes to mind! Astrid is like a ray of sunshine…brightening one’s day no matter what is happening around you. She has this incredibly ability to play and create and assist others to do the same…claiming their ‘sparkle’! Her enthusiasm is very contagious; which is a very good thing! One cannot help but feel so energized when playing with her! She has the magical energy ‘like Merlin’ to alchemize the most mundane task to the most playful one – now that’s real magic given all the ‘entrepreneurs and business owners’ out in the world trying hard to shine. As Astrid reminded me – ‘put your sparkle on girl’! If you are needing SPARKLE in your life and/or business – seek out Astrid! I am so honored to have met Astrid and now call her a cherished friend and colleague. YOU GO SPARKLE GIRL!! Love, love, love…"

Lois Warnock
Intuitive Artist, Psychic Medium, Coach

My DESIGN PORTFOLIO from various industries and over the years:

"I want to let you know that you have not only created the most gorgeous brand design that I have ever seen (:)) but an excitement that did not exist prior to us working together. Everything you created was absolutely gorgeous. Your work is beyond my expectations. Not only that, you get me! And that made my job so much more easier. I’m sure you have that connection with all your clients, but for some reason, it seems like we really connect as business partners. Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You are a perfect fit for my business."

Beverly Harris
Wedding Planner, Real Estate Agent

Have a DESIGN PROJECT to help you make a bigger impact with your brand?

While I've designed for several industries over the years, I found my passion in working with spiritual entrepreneurs, authors, and brands with a good cause. Let's find out if we're a match, and how I can help you make a bigger impact with what you're passionate about!




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