Do you want more WELLNESS + JOY in your life?


Hi! I'm Astrid Mueller.

I wrote the book "Permission to Sparkle."

I also overcame breast CANcer stage 4, and started THRIVING while still in treatments. I was in high spirits, had almost no side-effects, and finished my chemos with lab results of a healthy person (!)

I noticed that many others don't do so well.

So what did I do differently?

I sparked my WELLNESS SUPERPOWERS through a body-mind-spirit healing approach, creativity, mindset techniques, the principles from my book, and THE POWER OF JOY.

I believe that

by empowering ourselves and by freeing our natural inner joy, we tap into our natural health and our LIFE FORCE!

I'm on a mission to inspire people worldwide to re-claim their own wellness and JOY superpowers and start THRIVING, and living their own SPARKLING LIVES.

We need to do more than just go to doctors to "fix ourselves." We need to do wellness things for ALL our areas of being: body, mind, emotion, spirit and soul.

And instead of just focusing on "making it through," we need to focus on THRIVING. Why just "survive?" Let's all THRIVE!

photo: Breanna Peterson Photography

Coming Up:

July 25 - 28
Permission to Sparkle
Wellness Retreat in Palmer Alaska

For CANcer patients + survivors who want to THRIVE!


CANcer Wellness Resources:


Do you want more MAGIC + JOY in your life?

Come JOYn my sparkling community of wellness and joy adventurers and play to SPARKLE + SOAR!



And want to FULLY support your clients to THRIVE? Consider joining my comprehensive health + wellness support network, and become one of wellness providers there:


What others say:

"I keep thinking about the drawings and the questions from the “wellness spark session” with you. It’s a powerful wellness and inner growth checkpoint I keep coming back to in my journaling! An absolutely fabulous exercise in awareness. It helps me see clearly what serves me best right now, and celebrate my progress and where I’m at, whenever I look at my drawing. Thank you! "

Christina Harmon L. AC.
Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified in 5 Element Theory & Treatments, Taoist meditative practices from the Universal Tao Center

"I have been participating in the first cohort [of Astrid's CANcer THRIVER workshop program]. We are a small, intimate group. Lots of ideas and information, creativity, and positive energy. We're growing and transforming our lives, supporting each other, and manifesting amazing things along our cancer journeys. I highly recommend this group and am thankful to my friend C.P. who introduced me to Astrid."

Nancy Frampton

"My attitude totally shifted & I got OUT of my FUNK…thanks to your superpower sparkle powers. I’m joining you on the road to JOY!! I’m ready to sparkle and FIGHT THIS🥊. I want you to know that you spearheaded my transition to shifting my mindset. Thank you!! You are an awesome & amazing woman and I admire you so much!!💫"

Annie Ryan
Rancho Palos Verdes, California

"I am feeling so empowered since our workshop yesterday!"

Denise Grossman
Fine Artist / Pastelist / Healer

"✨Every week I truly looked forward to our session. I’m happy to be continuing with Astrid and my [CANcer THRIVER program] group! I hope to meet new thrivers as we continue! ✨💖✨"

Wendy Gismondi

"In (the workshop) vibe of playing and Magic I received clear and direct inner instructions on how to manifest material abundance by channeling Love, Light and Healing! It was also a wonderful reminder that yes, we do have all the resources within, but when we come together our Light shines brighter. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!"

Elena Bicu
Energy Healer

"If someone said the word ‘sparkle’ to me – previously I would imagine a cake sparkler being lit! Now --- after meeting Astrid…and being in her presence and seeing her magnificent SPARKLY energy – She is now the image that comes to mind! Astrid is like a ray of sunshine…brightening one’s day no matter what is happening around you. She has this incredibly ability to play and create and assist others to do the same…claiming their ‘sparkle’! Her enthusiasm is very contagious; which is a very good thing! One cannot help but feel so energized when playing with her! She has the magical energy ‘like Merlin’ to alchemize the most mundane task to the most playful one – now that’s real magic given all the ‘entrepreneurs and business owners’ out in the world trying hard to shine. As Astrid reminded me – ‘put your sparkle on girl’! If you are needing SPARKLE in your life and/or business – seek out Astrid! I am so honored to have met Astrid and now call her a cherished friend and colleague. YOU GO SPARKLE GIRL!! Love, love, love…"

Lois Warnock
Intuitive Artist, Psychic Medium, Coach

"I was able to garner a great deal more clarity… both for where I want to go, as well as the blocks that are slowing things down. I am also impressed with how your games & tools helped make the to-dos much more exciting and fun. Making Everything a party, and having my elixir, definitely helped a lot! Thank you!🙏🏼"

Brian DiCiacco
book author, founder of A World Empowered, owner and founder of The Leed Group


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