Astrid Mueller is a multi-faceted creative, author of "Permission to Sparkle," CANcer wellness coach, founder of the Integrative Wellness Network, and intuitive business guide.

As an empowered breast cancer patient, she recently also overcame one of her biggest challenges yet: to heal from breast cancer stage 4, with minimal side-effects, through the power of JOY, an empowered mindset, and art.

With more than 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, branding, and design, Astrid worked with illustrious clients such as Swarovski, or book publishers like Randomhouse, and was featured on Phoenix Fashionweek runways with an accessory line, as emerging designer.

Today Astrid loves empowering CANcer patients and helping them cope, transform anxiety into resilience, and re-claim wellness and JOY!

Her powerful support programs and retreats help patients relax during treatments, experience less side-effects, boost their immune-system and wellness, and zest for LIFE.

When available, she also still loves to work with heart-centered entrepreneurs and passionate businesses who want to reach more clients: see BRAND CONSULTING, MARKETING MAGIC and PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES.

Originally from Switzerland, Astrid followed her freedom-loving heart to live in beautiful Palmer, Alaska, surrounded by majestic mountains and vast untouched nature, with her sweet doggie Buddy, lots of music, creativity, and positivity she called into her life.  


  • 4.5 years as a graphic designer in marketing at Swarovski Jewelry, Switzerland
  • Creative entrepreneur, with her fist design business since 2005
  • Illustrations for clients like Marie Claire magazine and publishing house Randomhouse
  • Design and brand strategy consulting for big and small business owners since 2005.
  • Elected as one of the emerging designers 2014 at Phoenix Fashion Week with her accessory line "Possibility - you never know."
  • Creative director, designer, and consultant of transformational mission-driven games.
  • Author of inspirational book “Permission to Sparkle” and its intuitive playful card game.
  • Celebrated cancer thriver on social media platforms


Astrid loves inspiring people through podcasts and interviews with her story. Topics can include (but aren’t limited to:)

  • How JOY helped her heal from stage 4 CANcer
  • On the importance of including mindset, emotions, and beliefs in healing to get well
  • How JOY can transform a business to grow and make a bigger impact on the planet
  • Creativity, joy, and playfulness tools to heal, and grow a business


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