Astrid Mueller is a multi-faceted creative, author, and intuitive business guide. She’s passionate about helping conscious leaders bring their deep soul’s desires to the world through their business, and their lives. As an empowered breast cancer patient, she recently also overcame one of her biggest challenges yet: to heal 99.9% , with minimal side-effects, through the power of JOY, an empowered mindset, and art.


In addition to design and strategy work for businesses, following her cancer journey, she added empowerment creativity art workshops. These workshops are designed for cancer patients and caregivers inside companies that LOVE giving empowerment to their patients and staff and have been very well received.


Astrid has a long and successful career as an artist, creative entrepreneur, art director and author.


  • 4.5 years as a graphic designer in marketing at Swarovski Jewelry, Switzerland 
  • 17 years as a creative entrepreneur, with her fist design business in 2005
  • Illustrations for clients like Marie Claire magazine and publishing house Randomhouse 
  • Design and brand strategy consulting for big and small business owners since 2005.
  • Elected as one of the emerging designers 2014 at Phoenix Fashion Week with her accessory line "Possibility - you never know."
  • Creative director, designer, and consultant of transformational mission-driven games. 
  • Author of inspirational book “Permission to Sparkle” and its intuitive playful card game. 
  • Celebrated cancer thriver on social media platforms


Today Astrid consults heart-centered businesses design and brand strategies to powerfully shift clients and their businesses through artful creating. Her wellness and JOY seeker clients open their superpowers through art and creativity prompts to create their dream lives.


The fastest way to contact Astrid is via Facebook messenger, or CONTACT her to book a call.


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