This is the brand magic portal to your dream business wonderland.

Step through to become queen and claim your empire and your brilliance.

You have a vision. A deep calling.

To bring your magic to the world and CHANGE LIVES.

It’s already happening.

But it’s been hard.
Something is not feeling right.

Your brand doesn’t fit.
You’re not fully lit up.

You know you got MORE MAGIC within you.

And you're ready to claim it.

You’re ready to feel the lightning of your magic in your heart! Like BOOM!

And have a brand and website that that shows the full magic of you.

That DRAWS your most amazing clients in the room.

And a life that makes you FEEL GOOD.

I call myself "Queen of Brand Magic" and I can help you with 3 things:

Magical Coaching that gets you lit up in your business again

Brand Magic CLARITY to see your clear next action steps for your business

Make your Brand Magical again to get SEEN and attract your dream clients.
[with magical marketing pieces like a web page + cards for your biz]

Working with me is a Magical Experience.

You feel the call. Then you get all the magic. And all the magical business pieces.

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This is for you if you are:

A TRUTH SEEKER You are willing to see through your inner limitations and shadows and take action to dissolve them. Whatever it takes.

A HEART-DRIVEN VISIONARY. You want to make the world a better place with your business and with your gifts.

SAVORING LIFE is your high priority. You want MORE savor. Life quality.

EXPRESSING YOURSELF. You want to express yourself FULLY. Be your full god-given brilliant genius. Have FUN.

ADVENTURER You're willing to take bold and unique actions to uplevel yourself and your business.

YOU FEEL THE ALIGNMENT that I’m your guide at this time, to light up your own inner magic, and land your magic in big ways on the planet.

BRAND MAGIC is what you want for yourself and your business. You’re done doing things watered-down. You’re ready go all OUT.

MONEY is no issue or you make it happen. You don't buy into your limitations. You follow what your higher self wants and allow yourself to have that.

 If this is you, let's talk.



This is for you if you want:

To get into MAGICAL MANIFESTING FREQUENCY with your dream business

Be in MY POSITIVE ENERGY field, and get inspired by me on a regular basis

EXPRESS YOURSELF more, and have MORE FUN in your biz + your life!

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Come to my weekly AbunDANCE dance parties!




Then come into my facebook group Brand Magic Landing.

You get to share your gifts there, and get inspired with occasional Brand Magic prompts for your business. You'll also be in the loop of upcoming playgrounds, programs, cruises, and treasure hunts!


Want to learn a bit more about me?


I just recently up-leveled myself to queen.

I used to hide. Behind all kinds of limiting paradigms. “You come first. Let me laugh it away with humor. This is good enough. Let me fit in.”

Anything to not claim my genius. My worth.

I’m now claiming it ALL.
ALL my magic. ALL my desires.

Releasing ALL my shadows. Claiming my full BRILLIANCE.

I was born in Switzerland. The land of wealth. Where I held myself back by lots of rules and mind-limitations.

Moved to Alaska. The state of freedom where I held myself back with how much money I allowed in.

Now I’m doing business from pools all over the world, claiming EVERYTHING.

My magic. My freedom. Unlimited wealth.

All. The. Fun.

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I first did the human kind of business branding for many years. Feminine illustrations for magazines and books, websites for fashion and wedding brands (can you tell I’m a lover archetype?) …

Then, I went from muggle to claiming my intuitive superpowers in the coaching world, started intuitive business coaching and channeling brand clarity for clients. Always passionate to empower my clients to claim their superpowers and find the EASY yet most powerful steps forward.

Then, all merged for me in one bundle of magic:

Brand Magic + Queen Coaching

Now I channel visuals brands. Brand lingo. Magic. Websites in a day.

I help conscious soulpreneur princesses and hustle cinderellas to become
magical world-changing queens of empires.

I like things easy. I like to play. Wearing my crown. Channeling my intuition. I like to do just the right magical action steps to lift my biz to the next level.

I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs claim the unlimited magic of their brilliance.

With magical brand visuals and the magic of myself.

What are you waiting for?

There's a reason you're here. Ready for your bigger adventure?

Pick a button above, and come in!

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