Want more SPARKLING VITALITY + JOY in your life? Astrid has fabulous programs + retreats to help you claim your SUPERPOWERS and SPARKLE + SOAR - through CANcer, and for LIFE. Join Astrid's community to get access + play!

previous re TREATS + PROGRAMS:

July 21-23 2023: In Sterling, Alaska [virtual]

sisters sponsoring sisters
for CANcer patients + loved ones.

This was an inspiring virtual wellness retreat that helped participants find JUST what they needed at the time to feel better, and optimize their wellness.


SEPT 22-24: Held in Switzerland [virtual]

This was a reTREAT with Astrid while she was in Switzerland. Wellness-seekers who joined

💖 released stress 💝 filled their joy cup + got a break 🦄 heard their inner wellness wisdom 🌿 got inspired 🌿 refreshed their energy + health!


Stress to JOY CANcer THRIVER program

This is a virtual CANcer wellness program with fabulous, soulful weekly retreat calls and a supportive, good-vibe community to help you
transform stress to JOY,
and start THRIVING - FOR LIFE! Ask Astrid to be a guest to try it out:



"I have been participating in the first cohort [of Astrid's CANcer THRIVER workshop program]. We are a small, intimate group. Lots of ideas and information, creativity, and positive energy. We're growing and transforming our lives, supporting each other, and manifesting amazing things along our cancer journeys. I highly recommend this group and am thankful to my friend C.P. who introduced me to Astrid. "

Nancy Frampton, California

"Every week I look forward to our CANcer Thriver group. I know that I can count on feeling better, if I’m having a tough week, or feeling more amazing if I’m having a good week. The group has given me so many “gems” that I utilize throughout my recovery. The greatest gem I have received is the connection I have made with the group. I truly care about each member and look forward to “seeing” them and listening to their shares. I am 100% emotionally invested. I am grateful to be apart of something so special." "

Wendy Gismondi

" Gosh I can’t think of anything I’d like to add!! I love the content, pace, balance between personal sharings and exercises. I'm super fussy about how programs are delivered, it’s the teacher part of me! And I love how you deliver it! I did however love it when you put on music and we all drew together, I think it was the cards? The quiet shared energy of us all creating and sharing what we created was magic."

Natasha Toon, New Zealand

"My attitude totally shifted & I got OUT of my FUNK…thanks to your superpower sparkle powers. I’m joining you on the road to JOY!! I’m ready to sparkle and FIGHT THIS🥊. I want you to know that you spearheaded my transition to shifting my mindset. Thank you!! You are an awesome & amazing woman and I admire you so much!!💫"

- Annie Ryan, Rancho Palos Verdes, California

"Thank you so much for the sparkle session the other day. That was SO beautiful and even when your sparkle is feeling at a 4, you are so luminous. I LOVE what you bring."

Madeleine Eno
Workshop Leader, Author, and Book Editor

"I am feeling so empowered since our workshop yesterday!"

Denise Grossman
Fine Artist / Pastelist / Healer

"In (the workshop) vibe of playing and Magic I received clear and direct inner instructions on how to manifest material abundance by channeling Love, Light and Healing! It was also a wonderful reminder that yes, we do have all the resources within, but when we come together our Light shines brighter. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!"

Elena Bicu
Energy Healer

"I was able to garner a great deal more clarity… both for where I want to go, as well as the blocks that are slowing things down. I am also impressed with how your games & tools helped make the to-dos much more exciting and fun. Making Everything a party, and having my elixir, definitely helped a lot! Thank you!🙏🏼"

Brian DiCiacco
book author, founder of A World Empowered, owner and founder of The Leed Group


Astrid often gives CANcer patients + survivors (aka THRIVERS!) the opportunity to attend retreats for free, via sponsorships. Get on the list to be considered!


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