A mindset hack to do well in radiation: reframe it

I had wonderful doctors who were kind and helpful and had great strategies and tools for my healing. What they didn’t directly support me with is mindset and emotional support, and how to internally deal with it.

I did that on my own. (With support of additional mentors and spirit support.)

My mindset and how I navigated my emotions has been a HUGE part for me to help me with healing - actually my foundation. It helped me do well with treatments, have pretty gentle side effects, and support my immune system (hint: being afraid doesn’t - feeling calm does.)

It’s so fascinating, depending on how we feel, whether we’re afraid or calm, and what we expect … we can have a stressful experience, or one that supports our healing.

One of the things that always helped me is to find a reframe and choose feelgood words for myself that feel like wellness.

So instead of being scared or expect or talk about burns and the like, I ended up thinking of it like a tropical spa treatment and getting a tan (I was indeed releasing something from my body to create wellness, it was a funny reframe!)

That ended up having me joke with the staff there too, and I was mostly relaxed during the whole six weeks of treatments.

Another thing I did, inspired by my spiritual mentor, was to visualize healing colors shining on me and through me during treatments. I played with different colors and saw how they made me feel. Cooling colors worked best for me😆

I ended up having almost no skin reaction or issues after 6 weeks of radiation, simply a gentle tan! Almost like in a wellness spa.

How could you reframe your thoughts about radiation so that they feel positive and empowering?

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