What can turn dark times, like during CANcer, to JOY?

When I was going through chemo treatments, I was also freshly uprooted from my beautiful Kodiak Island nature paradise home, to live in a noisy city, for a whole dark Alaska winter, during Covid, without my circle of close friends, without beloved doggies, near-broke, in the middle of a business sabbatical and not actually sure at that time how I was going to MAKE money, and often feeling like shit.

Everything in my life was uncertain. Challenging. Each a big challenge in itself.

How did I then, manage to feel OKAY during this time, even find JOY? And start turning things around?

One key was that I decided I CAN.
(That’s also the time that I decided to start writing cancer as “CANcer.”)

Easier said than done when your mind tells you otherwise though, right?

I know!

And that’s eXACTLY where the magic is at.

Catching those mind stories that tell you “You can’t.”

And transforming + healing them, one by one, into “Yes you CAN!”

Did I have mind stories too? Oh you bet. Lots of them.
Did I do this alone? Heck no.

I worked with coaches, mentors, took workshops, supported myself with support circles, did journaling, creativity things… until I got better and better to see those dis-empowering stories, and transform them into THRIVER stories.

All that was NINJA juice for my wellness!

Because when we’re not stressed out but empowered, our immune system thrives.

When we WANT to get chemo for instance, because we see it as a GOOD thing that we chose, and feel relaxed and confident during it… our body does WAY better than when we’re stressed out, hating it.

In fact, we can use our mind to mobilize our healing antibodies to jump into HEALING ACTION! And help our body heal! Once I used such feelgood mindset techniques, I started to do way better, got better and better, and walked away from my harshest chemos with lab numbers of a healthy person. My doctors were like “it’s all the attitude!” and said “patients who have a positive, strong attitude do SO much better!”

The power of our minds is amazing.

And was one of my keys to get well, from stage 4, to now zero.

You don’t have to carry fear / worry / stress.
You CAN (and it’s in your best interest) to release them.
You CAN let them go and choose THRIVING instead.

To truly get well, you have to heal BODY + MIND + SPIRIT + SOUL.

Want to JOYn me to also sparkle?

Start with my CANcer resources right here!
Then follow your heart!



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