Nourishing your body + mind + soul: thrive - through CANcer and life

Tune in for a very important conversation with a very special guest: how we can thrive, through CANcer and life: by nourishing our body + mind + soul.

I spoke with medium, spirit messages coach and business strategist Lois Warnock, who was a very important mentor and supporter for me on my own CANcer healing journey.

During that time, I met with her regularly to get reassurance and learn, supported by spirit, how to best take care of myself on my healing journey, and get well.

A lot had to do with inner healing, inner self-talk, and with nourishing my body, mind and soul. Compassion! Self-love!

In this conversation, we discuss about a chapter in my book "Permission to Sparkle:" how to NOURISH YOUR SOUL - to create anything you want, including your dream business - while feeling good.

Indeed: I managed to feel better, and thrive, already during my cancer healing journey. We can influence our feelings, and that actually contributes to getting well!

Lois Warnock is Spiritual Psychic Artist & Medium, Spirit Coach Strategist & Multi-Modality Energy Healer.

After a 30- year business career… Lois chose to pursue the ‘energy healing’ field in 2005 after a debilitating chronic condition, obtaining:

  • 4 Reiki Master ‘designations
  • Crystal Resonance Therapy Certification
  • Advanced Meditative studies in Primus Healing Techniques
  • Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner Certification.

These teachings provided an incredible vibrational healing in her life. During her life she experienced several Near-Death Experiences; domestic violence; breast cancer; severe life-threatening infections and a 20- year chronic lung condition. It was in 2012 on a spiritual trek to Alaska, that she was introduced to the Spiritualist teachings and met her Master Teachers. She was told ‘you are a spiritual psychic artist!’ Her psychic art came alive from that place.

Lois has drawn and connected with over 1,000 spirits for clients around the globe.

Lois has created the first Spirit Guide Soul Divination Oracle card deck from the many spirit guides that have been brought forward for clients around the globe. More about Lois on

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