Mindset inspiration for CANcer healing: feelgood words

Here’s a mindset and energy concept that helped me cope really well in treatments, experience only minor side effects, and accelerate my healing. (And go from breast cancer stage 4 to no evidence!)

I found that WORDS are super powerful in my healing, and in general. When I say (or think!) words that make me feel GOOD I noticed that also affects how my body feels, literally!

(Simple experiment: say “I love and accept myself just like I am!” Then say “I suck.” And notice the difference in how it feels in your body. Striking, right?)

During my cancer healing, I became acutely aware of the importance of this. And that I needed (and wanted!) to think and use words that helped me heal.

(That’s also one of the reasons why I chose JOY as focus at some point - joy energy heals! Inner critic voices are NOT wellness promoting!)

One area where I used this concept of positive words was in chemo treatments: instead of the word “chemo”, I used the word “elixirs” because that felt magical and not scary.

I also wrote LOVE on the chemo bags, because hey! I felt that even there, good words can make a positive difference! (There’s actually scientific evidence for that, it’s interesting! Look up the water crystal experiment by Masaru Emoto!)

That being said….

What words can you shift for yourself to promote wellness and healing?

Which ones do you no longer want to think or say, and let go?  


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