What you have to do FIRST to attract dream clients

What do you have to do FIRST in business to get dream clients? 
Hint: it's NOT social media. It's NOT getting a website. It's BRAND STRATEGY.

Watch this call for priceless brand strategy inspiration to learn how to get a clear brand, and attract dream clients: SAVING lots of time + money, as you gear up to GETTING PAID.


In my over 20 years of experience as brand designer and entrepreneur, I’ve seen many people spend a ton of money on marketing and websites, yet not attracting regular clients. Or attracting the WRONG kind of clients. 

When that continues over a longer period of time, that’s a lot of missed income. And a lot of missed clients. That can get frustrating. And expensive. 

(Tally up even just one month of not being fully booked with clients. It can get staggering!)

The reason for this problem is often simple:

People often spend a ton of money and time on marketing and design and websites BEFORE...

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How ART and PLAY helps you find your most magical wisdom and sparks your GENIUS

Often forgotten by grown-ups, ART and PLAY helps us not only to feel better, but also to tap into our inner genius, and spark our dream lives! Health, wealth, even abundance!

Join me for an inspiring conversation with psychic medium, author, and Intuitive Art Academy founder Rachel Archelaus, as we talk about magic, sparkles, and using creativity to truly live our most joyful and abundant dream lives. This is an extra fun conversation where we also got powerful, colorful, and bright messages from spirit. 

Watch this conversation to spark your dream business, dream health, and also your dream life!

Mike drop inspirations from this conversation:

The more we sit and don't play, the more we can get stuck in our minds, and the more we may also build-up resistance.
(To dare to do what we really want to do and live our sparkle lives!)


All those inner voices... "don't be too loud," "this is crazy," "you have to make money..." are just voices. (Are you ready to see through them...

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Nourishing your body + mind + soul: thrive - through CANcer and life

Tune in for a very important conversation with a very special guest: how we can thrive, through CANcer and life: by nourishing our body + mind + soul.

I spoke with medium, spirit messages coach and business strategist Lois Warnock, who was a very important mentor and supporter for me on my own CANcer healing journey.

During that time, I met with her regularly to get reassurance and learn, supported by spirit, how to best take care of myself on my healing journey, and get well.

A lot had to do with inner healing, inner self-talk, and with nourishing my body, mind and soul. Compassion! Self-love!

In this conversation, we discuss about a chapter in my book "Permission to Sparkle:" how to NOURISH YOUR SOUL - to create anything you want, including your dream business - while feeling good.

Indeed: I managed to feel better, and thrive, already during my cancer healing journey. We can influence our feelings, and that actually contributes to getting well!

Lois Warnock...

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Why JOY has to be a key ingredient in business and in life

I had a leadership conversation with CBS featured JOY BUSINESS coach M. Shannon Hernandez, discussing a chapter of my book : "Where are you giving your power away?"

Watch to get a glimpse into my book "Permission To Sparkle," to harness your inner superpowers, to walk strong, WITH JOY, in business and life!


"What if JOY was the only business plan you needed?"

"JOY was a KEY for me to heal."

"Joy is a radical act of self-care!"

"You can always find pockets of joy, whatever challenge you're in."

My question to all of this, of course, is...like my book title says:

Are you giving yourself "Permission To Sparkle?"

Or what is your mind saying, as to why you can NOT have that? Why it's NOT possible? All those are mind stories to catch. You CAN(cer)tainly set yourself free.

Get my book "Permission To Sparkle" here on amazon


M. Shannon Hernandez is ALL ABOUT THAT JOY in life and biz. She is specifically known around the globe for...

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How to manifest all your desires by NOT being high-vibe

As author of the book "Permission to Sparkle," and as CANcer THRIVER (from stage 4 to all gone) - I love inspiring and empowering people that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

In this call, I'm having a conversation with Mindvalley consultant, Intuitive Writing & Manifesting coach, Energy Practitioner and Creative Copywriting Expert Shantini Rajah, and we're talking about an important chapter of my book:


That too is important to be powerful leaders and to live empowered lives!

In this powerful call we talked about things like

  • How giving yourself "Permission to NOT Sparkle" can help you access your TRUE sparkle!
  • How NOT always smiling can actually help us be healthy, happy, empowered lives
  • How it can actually be unhealthy to bottle up emotions
  • How our body can be a powerful tool to learn, embrace difficult emotions, and then access our true authentic manifesting powers from there (Shantini shared a wonderful tool to do it!)

We also mentioned additional wisdom...

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How to PLAY in your business AND make loads of money

Join for an inspiring conversation on how to make your life - and business - more magical - or, in other words: more SPARKLY!

Which can mean ALL your wishes. More abundance / more PLAY / more health...or MORE ABUNDANCE!

With Jean Berry, a business game expert who uses games, decks and accountability to increase your revenue and impact. Coaches and Consultants hire her to create games that have people lean in, increase engagement, referrals and results. Discover Jean's PLAY tools for business + how to work with her on www.JeanBerryPresents.com

What kind of sparkle do YOU want?
What inspired action step towards that does your heart want you to take? 

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